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Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios+2006, prophesies about today's post- patristic Theologians very high places...who may dominate the upcoming Synod in Crete

Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios+2006, prophecies about today's post- patristic Theologians very high places...who may dominate the upcoming Synod in Crete

On Ecumenist Post-patristic Theology (Nov. 1982)

This article has been circulated in many websites and periodicals in Greece…and many have commented on the elder’s prophetic gift based on this…

The Antichrist will officially declare the commencement of a new age on earth which will succeed the Christian age possibly creating a third covenant. We have the Old Testament, the New Testament, and he will most likely create a third testament. This cacodox dogma about a third covenant is very old. Saint Gregory the Theologian even refers to this. Don’t let this surprise you because it is nothing more than what we are witnessing in our days.

What is the nature of this third covenant, this third testament? It is the widespread perception, cultivated excessively in our days about an antiquated Christianity. This perception flourishes among secular Christian circles and worldly people with an ecumenist mentality. These secular and ecumenist church leaders claim that traditional Christianity is antiquated and bankrupt. It does not offer anything to the heart of the modern man. It needs to be modified. The old traditional Christianity is somehow powerless. Therefore, according to these modern Christian minds it is necessary to create a new dimension and in reality, a third covenant. As we mentioned, this state already exists. Besides what else did the Prophet Daniel mean when he wrote, He will think to change times and law. He will alter the law of God. This is the third covenant. The Church Fathers and the Saints of the Church will be out of season and considered very old fashioned. In much sadness, we may ask, could the antichrist be reigning in Christian nations as we are speaking? Saint John the Chrysostom refers to something to this effect. This does not refer to the final Antichrist because Saint Cyril of Jerusalem already said, God forbid! The secular Christian nations will serve as agents and servants of the Antichrist.

In Orthodox Christian lands, we are not immune to heretical ecumenist clergy hidden behind high chairs. They can be bishops, patriarchs, archimandrites, and members of the Masonic Lodges who often make their neo-Orthodox heresy very public. They go on to claim that the holy canons are out of season, inapplicable. The Rudder of Saint Nicodemos is meaningless and worthless. Fasting should be abrogated and abstinence is reminiscent of the dark ages. They claim that we live in a new era and we must see our youngsters in a different light. They can co-habitate before marriage; they can lead their sexuality freely, without any canonical repercussions and so on. Since this spirit is prevalent today, even among Orthodox clergy, is it not possible that the agents of the antichrist are also working in today’s Orthodoxy? Do we see now why God has His Saints at every age and in every century? ‘—simply to tell the faithful that we cannot claim that the Saints are a thing of the past and their teachings are inapplicable. God gives us many Saints in each century. During the twentieth century, we have many saints such as Saint Silouan, Saint Nektarios, Saint John Maximovitch, Saint Nikolai Velimirovich, and so many others. In Greece, Saint Nektarios has been labeled the Saint of our century, the twentieth century.

By the way, it is not by accident that the deluded Old Calendarist Abbess Magdalene, is blaspheming and cursing Saint Nektarios. This is the reaction of Satan who is working through this pitiable and demon-possessed woman. Our church was forced to excommunicate this woman so I can speak freely about her. This is an indication that the Antichrist will not tolerate the existence of Saints because he will maintain that Sainthood is a thing of the past, somewhat mythical and medieval and much like the Gospel and such a Gospel cannot possibly produce Saints. This is precisely why God will provide us with Saints in every generation to shut the lips of those who like to speak about an antiquated Gospel. Saint Ephraim the Syrian further adds, "During those days (of the Antichrist) the faces of the God loving Christians will be full of tears and they will be fervently asking for God’s word. The people will be desperately searching for an Orthodox sermon and the reply will be, there is no such sermon anywhere.

The address of St. Mark of Ephesus on the day of his death ( Video )

Dedicated to all our Holy Orthodox Bishops who will defend the Faith of our Fathers next month in Crete!
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