Saturday, March 27, 2021

The essence of Orthodoxy - St. Justin Popovich

What is the essence of Orthodoxy? 
It is the God-man Christ.
 Everything that is Orthodox has a divine-human character: knowledge, the senses, the will, the mind, morality, dogma, philosophy, and life. Divine humanity is the only category in which all the manifestations of Orthodoxy are received and fully operate. 
In all creation, God occupies the first place, man the second. God leads while man is led; God acts and man cooperates. 
God does not act transcendentally, He is not the abstract God of deism, but rather the God of the most immediate historic reality, the God of revelation, the God who became man and lived within the categories of our human existence while appearing everywhere as absolute holiness, goodness, wisdom, justice, and truth.

- St. Justin Popovich