Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Treating an addict ( Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica )

One day, a family came to the monastery from Belgrade . They had an only son who was taking drugs for many years . The doctors had told him that time remaining for his life , if he did not quit the drugs , was six months.

The official statistic then in Serbia say that one in a thousand patients could get away from drugs.

When they started to come from Belgrade , father, mother and son , for a long time, they were quarreling in the car . Fortunately for the young mother she kept her composure .

At that time , their son was able to sleep twenty-four hours and the other twenty-four hours he could not sleep because his nervous system was completely upside down .

With the help of God, they arrived at the monastery and the elder immediately spoke with them .

At first , father and son , voiced complaints that they had from each other but then they calmed down . After the son was left alone with the elder . Father Thaddeus spoke with him with patience and great love and recited prayers for his health. All throughout the course of the prayer, Father Thaddeus caressed the head of the young man in the same way that a mother caresses her child.

After that, they all went into the car and were on their way back. The young man fell asleep during their return to Belgrade . His mother immediately sensed that something good was happening to her son because her son before wasn't able to sleep at all.

Twenty-five years later, the former drug addict got married and has two children . He never returned to the bad drug habit .

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

God is everywhere. ( St. Joseph the Hesychast )

“God is everywhere. 
There is no place God is not…You cry out to Him, ‘Where art Thou, my God?’ And He answers, “I am present, my child! I am always beside you.’ Both inside and outside, above and below, wherever you turn, everything shouts, ‘God!’ 
In Him we live and move.

We breathe God, we eat God, we clothe ourselves with God. Everything praises and blesses God. All of creation shouts His praise. Everything animate and inanimate speaks wondrously and glorifies the Creator. Let every breath praise the Lord!”

St. Joseph the Hesychast