Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Pride is the root and source of every sin ( The Salvation of Sinners )

Pride is the root and source of every sin. 
St. Gregory the Diologist refers to pride as “the queen of all sins.” Whereas St. Isidor states that pride “eradicates every existing virtue.”
Man is endowed with an array of spiritual virtues, physical attributes, and material goods. Examples of spiritual gifts are the grace of God, the gift
of prophecy, and the ability to perform miracles. 
Qualities that we possess naturally include intelligence, beauty, and strength. Forms of worldly prosperity we commonly attain are wealth, honor, and social status. When, however,
we do not understand that the Lord is He Who grants all these good traits and qualities to whomever He wants, as He wants, when He wants, and for as long as He wills, we begin to enter the realm of pride, which, according to St. Gregory, consists of five distinct stages

The first stage is when a person who possesses spiritual, physical, or material gifts does not comprehend that he received them from God, but
rather believes that they are the result of his own efforts. 
The second stage is when a person realizes that every good thing he possesses has been given to him by God; however, he does not consider them to be a free gift but something that he justifiably deserves on account of his own merit. 
The third stage is when someone imagines he possesses virtues that he, in fact,does not have. 
The fourth stage of pride is when someone looks down on others (who he regards as inferior), and,
believing that he is more deserving than others,
desires honor and recognition for himself
The fifth and final stage of pride is when a person does not observe and altogether ignores the
sacred laws that have been established by the holy Fathers, and rejects the sacred traditions of the Church (such as fasting,for example)
All of these stages are sinful; however, the fifth type of pride is worst because a person in this state, in a way, blatantly disregards and disdains God, the Master and King Who appointed the divine laws.
Just as humility is a trait of God’s select servants and a certain sign that they are destined to delight in His Heavenly Kingdom, similarly pride is a characteristic of people who will be condemned and indisputable testimony that they will be put to shame and punished eternally in Hell. For as Christ stated,
“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." (Lk. 18:14).
Concerning Pride - from the book The Salvation of Sinners