Sunday, November 16, 2014

I love you Mom ... Goodbye ! A true story

Mom I went out with my friends .
I went to a party and remembered what you had told me not to do, drink alcohol.
You had asked me not to drink because I had to drive home, so I had a soft drink. I was proud of myself, because I had heard your sweet voice that advised me before I left , not to drink if you have to drive , as opposed to what my friends were telling me .

I made the right choice !
Your advice was correct.
When the party was over everyone went to their cars without being able to drive.
I got my car . I was sure that I was clean and sober, I could not imagine mom was waiting for me ...

Now I'm here lying on the asphalt and I hear a cop say "the child that caused the crash was drunk ."
Mom his voice sounded so distant , my blood is everywhere on the road and I am trying with all my strength not to cry .
I hear doctors say that this girl will not make it.
I'm sure the other child that was driving had not even imagined how fast he was going.

In the end, he decided to drink and now I must die.

Why do they do this mom ; they know that they will ruin lives ;

The pain that I feel is like a thousand knives stabbing through my body.

Tell my sister not to be afraid , dad to be strong.
Someone had to tell this child that they should drink if you would have to drive.

Maybe if someone had told him like you did to me,maybe I would still be alive now....

My breath is getting weaker and I am starting to get scared mom ..

These are my last moments and I am so desperate .
I would love so much to hug you mom... and to tell you how much I love you.

I love you Mom ... Goodbye !

These words were written by a journalist who was present in a crash. The girl died while whispering these words and the reporter wrote shocked ......