Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thoughts to Ponder ( St. Neκtarios of Pentapolis )

Seek God every day, but in your heart; and not outside of it, and on discovering Him stand with fear and trembling, like the Cherubim and Seraphim, as your heart becomes God's dwelling place. To discover the Lord, humble yourself to the earth before Him, for the Lord rejects the proud and high minded, but loves and visits the humble of heart...

If it is to be first you desire, be last. If to rule, be the servant. If to be heard, be silent. You desire to have, then give. If you desire to buy, then save. If it is a well mannered child you desire, nourish him. If a learned child, teach him. If the love of the child, love him first. If respect, respect them first. If honor, love those around you. If you desire they love you, suffer long, be amiable, do not get angry, nor exaggerate, nor boast. Love your neighbors and you, too, will be loved. If you desire to be God’s, do good for life, respect your older brother and you will have the respect of the younger one.

St. Neκtarios of Pentapolis