Saturday, October 24, 2015

Adolescence is the most important period of life ( part 1 ) - St. Nektarios of Pentapolis

The age of adolescence is the most important and crucial time  period in man's life, because whoever someone comes to be during these years, one will subsequently continue to be throughout the remainder of life. For this reason, assiduous attention must be given to this time of life.

If the good or evil of adolescence was restricted only to this part of life, then the virtues or evils would have a limited impact restricted to the
individual alone. However, the virtue or evil of teenagers convey a broad and generalized quality, because this is the time of formation for the
successive generation, to whom in a short while the nation and the state will hand over the in
heritance of their forefathers and all the treasures
of the former generations. 

The upcoming generation will be entrusted with the honor and glory of the country. It will take over the administration of the nation. It will advance the arts and sciences. It will contribute to the prosperity of its citizens. It will embellish the state, the nation, and the Church. It will be the one to shape the moral character of society.

Consequently, if the next generation becomes virtuous, its virtue saves and preserves e
verything; if, however, it ends up being evil, its evil will destroy all things.

On account of the paramount significance of adolescence, both societies and parents have always turned their attention to and shown great concern for this age group, in order to render its teenagers into adults, fit and capable of preserving the precious heritage, which their country entrusts to them. 

 So they may by becoming virtuous people and useful citizens , increase their nation's glory and bestow honor to its name. 

St. Nektarios of Pentapolis